What is interface design?

2D animation and interviews

The films were commissioned by the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences with the intention of explaining to prospective students the meanings of UX, UI, and interface design. They also aim to showcase what students can learn in the Interface Design course at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences.

You can find more information about the course on the university’s website: interface.fh-potsdam.de

Texts and concept: Prof. Boris Müller
Illustration: Thomas Manig
Animation and production: Sascha Hoffmann and Milan Wulf
Speaker: Marius Claßen

Supervision: Prof. Boris Müller
Camera and production: Michael Nguyen, Carl Linz, Milan Wulf
Interviews: Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk, Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann, Prof. Constanze Langer, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Meier, Prof. Myriel Milicevic, Prof. Boris Müller, Prof. Reto Wettach